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Full Version: PORTO/LPPR-2014 - first images.
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Hi  Big Grin

We are @ full work on PORTO/LPPR new version.
This is not an update, but a completely new version, including realistic surrounds full of manually placed autogen.

This is the first preview, showing these surrounds to give you an idea of what is to come:

[Image: y1bc.jpg]

[Image: 9v6g.jpg]

[Image: b40f.jpg]

[Image: 0y3z.jpg]

[Image: cnr6.jpg]

[Image: nr0s.jpg]

[Image: oj4t.jpg]

[Image: hf0g.jpg]

[Image: o7ba.jpg]

[Image: ewh3.jpg]

[Image: jbj1.jpg]

[Image: 4e5t.jpg]

[Image: k1zv.jpg]

More pics soon...

Have nice flights!
looks great.
Mmmmmmm I hope PUJ but I dont mind a new Porto.

New Faro in fs9 could be fantastic too
Awesome indeed!!! I am also hoping for a new Faro as well. The surroundings of Faro are beautiful!
Yahooo! ;D
I came to Tropical Sim forum just to see if there were any plans on a LPPR v2 and there you go...
Would be nice if you could feature Galp's refinery and Leixões' harbour nearby. Generic objects will do. Wink
Very nice pics  Smile

Looks Great!
Hi guys,

Many thanks for your compliments. Carlos' work in the autogen was second to none here.

Ricardo, do you have pics of these items? If we cannot get them for release, we can make a post-release update to include them.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Carlos, I don't have photos myself, but here you go:

Galp Matosinhos
[Image: Refinacao_PL.jpg]

[Image: refmatosinhos.jpg]

[Image: refina2.jpg]

Leixões Harbour
[Image: porto-de-leixoes-f2d1.jpg]

[Image: portodeleixesmz1.jpg]

[Image: ce3d936dbd3e231b5bdae7e7d6034c66.jpg]

Don't think too much detail is needed here. Just some generic FSX library objects to feature those oil towers throwing up some smoke, and some cargo ships at Leixões.
Btw, here you can find spotter's photos from LPPR:


Thanks for the images.


Muito interessante! Big Grin
Alguma imagem do aeroporto?
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