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Full Version: Suggestion (Murcia - LELC)
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To be quite honest I don't know how this airport hasn't been done yet, it's a popular destination for Ryanair, EasyJet and other charter airline and also a well known Spanish Military Base. Currently there has been no developer to tackle it yet.

Located directly below Alicante and not far from it, it has been a successful alternative for people flying into Alicante cheaper. Please take it into consideration.

I personally would love to see it done and would buy it straight away!

[Image: avc_00242870.jpg]
[Image: 94536.jpg]
[Image: 7447237100_e7707d44f5_z.jpg]
[Image: 16585.jpg]
[Image: 5392499.jpg]
[Image: 54917526.jpg]
[Image: 61906_1118875753.jpg]