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  MDST Update
Posted by: asegm08 - 08-17-2017, 06:42 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (1)

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there were any plans to update V4 to have SODE jetways? I am a big user of this scenery and was wondering if perhaps I could spark some interest. Or perhaps I can help update it?

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  SBGL, SBRJ e SBGR para p3dv4
Posted by: flaviossa - 07-28-2017, 08:22 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (2)

Olá amigos da TS!
Apenas por curiosidade, vocês tem a intenção de gerar versões para o P3Dv4 desses aeroportos?


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  TNCC 2017 - Real development
Posted by: LarsA - 07-25-2017, 04:20 AM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (11)

TNCC is my "Homebase", so thank you very much for this unexpected update! Well done!
There is a lot of development at the real airport these days and I have to fly a lot from TNCC to the other islands for my job as a forensic pathologist.
For example, the "Jetcenter" in the east of the main terminal looks different now than TNCC 2017 (  http://www.jetcentrecuracao.com ).
Also, the main terminal will change the next months.
If you are interested, I can send you actual pictures for a future update....  Wink
Best regards from Curacao

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  TNCC P3Dv4 and SODE
Posted by: xkoote - 07-11-2017, 04:33 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (6)

Hello guys,

was wondering if there are plans of refreshing TNCC 2013 to be P3D v4 compatible
possibly with CTRL+J or SODE jetways? Or is it too old?



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  Prepar3d v4 Scenery.cfg Encoding Issue
Posted by: TropicalSim - 07-11-2017, 02:38 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - No Replies

Hi all,

We've noticed some users have had issue with the automatic scenery library insertion of Antigua 2017 in Prepar3d v4. It seems Lockheed Martin changed the character encoding of the file, so the previous method of editing the scenery.cfg file is resulting in a messed up config for some.

In order to fix this, go to C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and rename the backup file the installer makes before editing "Scenery_Before_VC Bird TAPA P3Dv4.CFG" to "scenery.cfg". Now just open P3Dv4 and manually insert the scenery entry.

We have replaced the P3Dv4 installer with a new one which uses Prepar3d's own command line argument to insert the library entry, so if you go to your simmarket account to redownload the fixed installer you'll see the problem is gone.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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Posted by: TropicalSim - 07-10-2017, 10:55 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (15)

Hello everyone,

As we have stated here many times before, we work with more than one product at once, and when one of them nears completion we go full steam on that one, so whilst you have seen two previews of Albuquerque - USA, the finished and released airport is actually V.C. Bird International Airport - Antigua and Barbuda.

The new version features the new terminal complete with 3d details, SODE optional jetways, the new apron layout has been represented on our scenery, the extension at runway 07 has also been represented. The old terminal has been repainted from the pink-ish color to a light gray to match the very very white new terminal, which we have added plenty of ambient occlusion shadows to break all that white and give it that realistic look.

We have two new changes regarding our product line with this release... as expected, enters Prepar3d v4 support. This mean an exclusive installer for P3Dv4 (Not shared like P3D v2 and v3) with full native P3Dv4 SDK usage, including dynamic lights. This means an installer for FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1, another installer for P3D v2 and v3, and a third installer for P3Dv4.

The second change is that we will begin to phase out FS9 creation, and the FS9 version has been separated from the FSX/P3D versions so we can know exactly how the market is responding to this simulator.

All good things come to an end, and FS9 was a great thing, but with what we now have in Prepar3d v4, the distance has grown considerably larger between them and if we are to keep on improving and adding new features, we cannot continue to be able to be held back by FS9 restrictions and limitations, since it already misses out on specular maps, larger resolution textures, zbias code for native sdk usage for ground, dynamic lights, real-time reflections among all other new materials/items since FS9 > FSX > P3D v1/2/3/4.

Anyway, enough technical talk, here are some screens. For all screens see the FS9 or FSX/P3D sales pages:

FS9 VERSION:http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-...-fs9.phtml
FSX/P3D VERSION: http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-...-p3d.phtml

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d0.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d1.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d2.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d3.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d4.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d5.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d10.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d11.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d12.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d15.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d16.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx3.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx4.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx10.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx16.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx17.jpg]

We hope you enjoy the airport.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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  KABQ - Albuquerque Airport - Preview #2
Posted by: TropicalSim - 06-21-2017, 03:08 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (6)


Here is out second set of preview for Albuquerque International Sunport Airport. The main pax terminal is taking shape as you can see in the screens here as well as the cargo area with the UPS and FEDEX building, as well as the Swissport Fueling area. Remember it's a work in progress, lot's to be done, the ground poly has had no work done as of yet so it's just a placeholder at the moment.

[Image: kabq_previewb_0.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_1.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_2.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_3.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_4.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_5.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_6.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_7.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_8.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_9.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_10.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_11.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_12.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_13.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_00.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_01.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_02.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_03.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_04.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_05.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_06.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_07.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_08.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_09.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_10.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_11.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_12.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_13.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_14.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_15.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_16.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_17.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_18.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_19.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_20.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_21.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_22.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_23.jpg]

We hope you enjoy.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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  How can I purchase the 2012 version of Rio de Janeiro Galeão Airport?
Posted by: TAM8547 - 06-14-2017, 05:55 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (3)

Hi all,
is it possible to purchase the 2012 version and not the 2016 version? I just dont like the new terminals the same as in Sao Paulo Guarulhos. They just dont fit in the airport. The difference is too strong between the old and the new terminals but fortunately I bought Sao Paulo Guarulhos many years ago so I still have the original version of TropicalSim SBGR.
But since I still havent SBGL it would be nice to purchase original 2012 version. Would that be possible?
Best regards,

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  Prepar3d V4
Posted by: spilfred - 06-06-2017, 09:22 PM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (16)

Olá Leandro,

Alguma previsão para adaptar os cenários BR para o P3D v4. E é possível também utilizar as novas luzes dinâmicas nos postes dos pátios?
Fred Matias

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  KABQ - Albuquerque Airport _Fisrt preview
Posted by: Coral Sea - 05-29-2017, 01:00 AM - Forum: TropicalSim Forum - Replies (1)

Hi Folks!  Smile

Here's our first Albuquerque/KABQ preview.

Showing some airport areas only:

- the parking building featuring it's solar panels.
- the main entrance region.
- the Sheraton and other parking areas.
No terminal building on this preview.

Please note, this is just an inicial preview, a lot of work yet to be done.
No cars, no renderized shadows, no AO, no people, no dedicated ground work, no other eye-candies, but we think you will be able to have an idea of what is coming ahead on this scenery.
Hope you enjoy it  Wink

[Image: kabq_preview_00 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_01 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_02 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_03 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_04 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_05 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_07 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_08 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_09 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_10 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_12 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_13 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_14 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_15 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_16 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_17 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_18 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_19 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_21 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_22 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_23 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_24 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_25 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_26 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_27 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_28 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_29 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_30 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_31 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_32 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_33 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_37 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_38 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_39 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_40 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_44 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_45 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_46 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_47 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_48 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_49 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_50 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_51 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_52 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_53 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_55 copy.jpg]

More previews to come.

Have nice flights!
Carlos Pereira & Leandro Machado.

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