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The Azores - Rick - 08-31-2017

Hello Leandro

I have just discovered that I also purchased the Azores package and Aruba from yourselves.

Any news if these will be made P3Dv4 compatible in the future?


Re: The Azores - Rick - 08-31-2017

Kindly ignore the question I asked on TNCA(Aruba) as I have successfully managed to install it in P3Dv4.

That just leaves The Azores.

Re: The Azores - TropicalSim - 09-02-2017

Hi Rick,

We don't have any immediate plans, but some time or another we will do a little updating to the Azores.



Re: The Azores - Rick - 09-03-2017

Hi Leandro

Fantastic news. Very much look forward to it one day.