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[P3Dv4.3] Faro 2016 compatibility? - Erik - 09-22-2018

Hello Leandro,

I am considering purchasing Faro 2016 for Prepar3Dv4; but would like to know if it is compatible? Or will there be an adapted version in the future?

Many thanks,


RE: [P3Dv4.3] Faro 2016 compatibility? - TropicalSim - 09-23-2018


Although it's not officially an P3Dv4 product, all our airports that have a native P3Dv2 or P3Dv3 version will work in P3Dv4 without glitches, only missing obviously the dynamic lighting.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

RE: [P3Dv4.3] Faro 2016 compatibility? - Erik - 09-23-2018

Thanks for the reply. Think I'll wait for a new version and purchase Porto in the mean time Wink