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Curacao & Aruba Will Updated to V2!
Hello TropicalSim,
You guys is going to start the project of Curacao And Aruba right?
But can you guys put both Airport on thier current position>?
Becuase the FS9 Version is not the Same as the FSX version!


Since we will use photoscenery for the nearby airport area, the airport will be at it's real location in both FS9 and FSX. If the FS9 default airport is wrongly placed, this could lead to confusion for online flyers who have default scenery, but maybe we can release a freeware AFCAD that simply places FS9 default scenery in the correct location for online flyers without add-on not to complain.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Great to hear about Curacao and Aruba, but what about Bonaire? The Airport recently had a runway update with an extention and the addition of new approach lights and a new turning bay, here's a preview:
[Image: acd335642bb25df22e82e28f0015ce11.pageCache.jpg]
It would be a nice addition if the Catering building could be included... Bonaire's surrounding area around the airport has really changed since TropicalSim first released the Bonaire Scenery

Thanks for your suggestion, but the pic you provided is actually outdated. If you look to the right of the apron where sandy area is in the format of a new apron, that was done a long time ago, and it's actually in our scenery.

Either way Bonaire is to be considered for sure. Do you have any pics of the catering building you mention?

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

Yes this pic is actually a Google Earth Pic with the proposed new runway preview of what the finished product will be.
As for the catering building, I can't really find good pictures on the internet, I could try and take some myself with my phone...

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