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First ARUBA/TNCA images.

These are the first images of one of our new sceneries: Aruba/TNCA - Reina Beatrix Int`l that is under construction.
This is a totally new scenery, being made from scratch, to replace our ancient TNCA made in 2003.

There will be FS9 and FSX (SP1 & SP2) compatible versions, bringing two independent installers, one for each sim.
By now, the ramp part of the pax terminal is almost done and is showed here. The scenery is schedulled to be released by mid April.

[Image: tnca_01.jpg]

[Image: tnca_02.jpg]

[Image: tnca_03.jpg]

[Image: tnca_04.jpg]

[Image: tnca_05.jpg]

Soon I`ll be posting more images here.

My best regards,
Carlos Pereira.
Looking great Carlos, I can hardly wait :-)
Very nice. You guys have been making some really great sceneries nowadays, I cant wait to see the new MKJS and MKJP.
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Yea its really coming out fantastic guys! <img src=\'<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif\' class=\'bbc_emoticon\' alt=\'Wink\' />

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