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São Jorge / LPSJ - RELEASED... Azores #2 - RELEASED

We have completed and released the airport of São Jorge, and with that we also completed and release pack 2 of the Azores series, leaving Graciosa, Horta and Lajes for the third and final pack.

Here are the screenshots, mostly from FSX, with a few from FS9:

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_1.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_2.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_3.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_4.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_5.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_6.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_7.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_8.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_9.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_10.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_11.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_12.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_13.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_14.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_15.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_16.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_17.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_18.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_19.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_20.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FSX_21.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FS9_1.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FS9_2.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FS9_3.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FS9_4.jpg]

[Image: LPSJ_FS9_5.jpg]

That's is for us from a very very busy may that included the SP1 from KDCA, updates for Ponta Delgada, Corvo, Santa Maria, Pico and the FS9 version of Flores.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Absolutely Amazing, so highly detailed. Breath Taking....

Many Congrats Once Again....
Thanks for another great scenery for FS2004. My only comment is that the runway is very bumpy! I am bouncing a lot on my take-off run. Smile
(05-27-2012, 12:14 PM)graemeb link Wrote:Thanks for another great scenery for FS2004. My only comment is that the runway is very bumpy! I am bouncing a lot on my take-off run. Smile


That's wierd. We used apron/runway from the AFCAD to make the surface smooth. Either way, I make surfacetype with different coding, try this one out:

Place it in fs9\tropicalsim\lpsjx\scenery

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thanks Leandro,
I tried the file, but it does not seem to make any difference, I am still bouncing up and down as I move down the runway.

That's strange. We've had no other reports of this. Do you have maybe an old scenery, perhaps real azores installed or something else in the region?

The bounce you mention, is when the aircraft is not on a hard surface and dust comes off the tires? If you can perharps send me an e-mail with a screenshot to so I can better understand.
I will look at it again tonight. I don't recall seeing the dust from the tyres, it is just a steady up and down motion, as if the ground is corrugated. I am pretty sure I had no Azores scenery at all before your version, but I will check through the FS9 setup and make sure. I will send an email later.


Please check out the new AFCAD file I sent to your e-mail.


The runway at LPSJ is all bumpy , my plane bounces up and down , is there a fix to this?

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