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Lisbon LPPT
I know tropicalsim is doing airports in portugal and one that needs to be done is Lisbon. No one has come out with this airport since all the upgrades this airport has done. After seeing what tropicalsim has done with the azores I would love them to do LPPT.

P.S. Great job with LPPD and LPAZ, I fly there every summer and the airport's are right on. 
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your kind words. Lisbon is indeed a great destination and something we should think carefully about. I honestly have no idea what has changed since Aerosoft's release and have not searched if Aerosoft will update their version, if so, then we'll let it be, no reason to duplicate, but if they have let go of it, then we will consider it for sure.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thanks Leandro for the reply. I hope Aerosoft let it go so you guys can do it. LPPT had some major upgrades for T1 and T2. I love flying in to this airport coming into runway 03. Lisbon is a wonderful city with great people. makes me proud to be portuguese.
To the best of my knowledge Aerosoft had announced an update for Lisbon over a year ago for both FS9 and FSX.
Then I believe they decided to go for FSX alone a do it from scratch, but it seems for the moment they are not working on it (according to posts on their forum).
This said, yes LPPT by Tropicalsim would be a rather good thing to happen
Hey guys,

This is looking more interesting. Once we finish Lajes, we will continue work on Curaçao, but alongside it we should choose another airport to begin the project. I'll admit that Lisbon is high on the list with this new information you guys gave us. We'll just have a quick check to make sure, as we don't want to step on anyone's toes, but if indeed it's been let go, then we may have something here ;-)

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I really hope they let it go. Aerosoft said they were going to update it back in july 2011. but never heard anything since. after seeing how tropicalsim nailed it with Santa Maria and Ponta Delgada I would want anyone but them do Lisbon.
From what I understood they're still working on it. However, I don't speak Portuguese so I'm not exactly sure.

However if you're looking for another airport to soon start with, I've got a long wishlist. Tongue
Hi Patrick,

We indeed was hesitant about Lisbon at first because a: there was an Aerosoft version available and b: Aerosoft would make the changes to bring the airport to it's current state.

However, we have been asked three times in separate occasions, twice with concrete information and material allowing us to do the project. The first two time we kindly refused as we believed Aerosoft would have their version updated sometime.

So what has changed? Well, it's been over two years that an update was announced, and since then nothing concrete has been released about the airport and our contacts in the Portuguese fs community have made it pretty clear that they do not believe that the update will ever see the light of day.

They want a new Lisbon, and we believe that we can deliver their request, whilst being clear that we are not stepping on anyone's toe doing this.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
music to my ears. THANK YOU

Thanks for LPPT news, finally.

Just to clarify, the scenery will be available in August as this blog says?

Punta Cana Intl' MDPC 2013
Lisbon LPPT

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