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Azores: Lajes/LPLA preview.

This is the first major Lajes/LPLA preview, showing a huge part of the air base.

Of course, the ground work is still a very very provisory one, only used to adjust the structures on their proper places.

More to come soon.

[Image: lajes000.jpg]

[Image: lajes001.jpg]

[Image: lajes004.jpg]

[Image: lajes005.jpg]

[Image: lajes006.jpg]

[Image: lajes007.jpg]

[Image: lajes008.jpg]

[Image: lajes010.jpg]

[Image: lajes011.jpg]

[Image: lajes011a.jpg]

[Image: lajes012.jpg]

[Image: lajes013.jpg]

[Image: lajes014.jpg]

[Image: lajes015.jpg]

[Image: lajes016.jpg]

[Image: lajes017.jpg]

[Image: lajes019.jpg]

[Image: lajes020.jpg]

[Image: lajes021.jpg]

[Image: lajes022.jpg]

[Image: lajes023.jpg]

[Image: lajes024.jpg]

[Image: lajes025.jpg]

[Image: lajes026.jpg]

[Image: lajes027.jpg]

[Image: lajes028.jpg]

[Image: lajes030.jpg]

[Image: lajes031.jpg]

[Image: lajes032.jpg]

[Image: lajes033.jpg]

[Image: lajes034.jpg]

[Image: lajes035.jpg]

[Image: lajes036.jpg]

[Image: lajes037.jpg]

[Image: lajes039.jpg]

[Image: lajes041.jpg]

[Image: lajes042.jpg]

Hope you like!

My best,
Carlos Pereira.

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