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Is the patch for St Thomas FS9 needed?

I bought the St Thomas scenery from Simmarket. I use the FS9 version.

I see there is a patch available in the updates section: FSB-TIST-PATCH11.exe.

I'm wondering if I need the patch or if the download from Simmarket has the patch already applied?

Actually I did try installing the patch, but my serial number is not being accepted.


That patch is for a very old version when it was an FS9 only product, without an FSX version released around 2004. You problem own TIST 2010, a newer version that does not need to be patched as since the past few years we have been replacing the installers to include patches instead of releasing separate patches, making it easier for the customers only having 1 file to install.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thanks  Smile


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