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TropicalSim News Update
(06-22-2016, 07:44 AM)themanrj link Wrote: Anxiously waiting for the new SBGL, even if I have to pay for the update. Smile
Thanks. Got the update at simMarket.  Smile
(06-30-2016, 08:38 PM)henry link Wrote: The AES 2012 jetways do not work in 2016, I had no jetways at the older gates and TropicalSim default jetways at the new gates.

Have you been in contact with Aerosoft about updating the AES for the 2016 scenery.

Not an expert as regards to using SODE as I have many airports with AES.

Please see attached image showing AES in the 2012 version.

I want AES jetways to show on all the gates where possible to enhance your great scenery.


We have no control over AES, we only send the files to Oliver who created AES. When the next AES version is released, I'm sure it'll have support for SBGL 2016. It's just the way it goes, it's been like this for every release, there's nothing we can do about it, it's up to them when it gets updated.

You may trick AES into thinking you still have SBGL2012 (leave SBGL2012 active in the scenery library, activate AES SBGL 2012 and remove from the library without starting AES Help again otherwise it'll deactivate AES SBGL 2012).

In the meantime, checkout SODE. We were reluctant ourselves at first but it really is fantastic and the learning curve for end users is basically 0. It's all menu driven.


It did not work for me, the AES gates were missing.

I think I will just wait for the AES to come out, it is a pity because I have to wait maybe a long time to fully enjoy SBGL

A couple of more questions, I have ADEX can I alter the TropicalSim Afcad without getting problems.

Just want to alter gate sizes and airline codes, your afcad gets aircrafts crossing wings at some gates.

Does SODE use the same gates as they are now or do they get replaced using SODE.

""Also copy the contents of the "TropicalSim\SBGL2016\SODE\xml" folder into
SODE's main XML folder (normally C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml) as well
as the contents of the "TropicalSim\SBGL2016\SODE\SimObjects" folder into
SODE's main SimObjects folder (normally

In 12Pilot\SODE file I have a DATA folder which includes a SimObjects folder SODE_DYN.

No xml, in FSX I have a SODE folder. The contents also includes MK Designs runways ???.
Please see attachment

Attached Files
.jpg   FSX SODE.jpg (Size: 142.9 KB / Downloads: 5)

Which SODE version do you have? I suggest you install the latest version (1.3.3 if I'm correct) (uninstall that one first) and install in the default suggested location (C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE) and not under the FSX folder.

SODE used to be installed like you have, but for a long time now it has it's own folder so that the same SODE installation can work on FSX or Prepar3d.

I don't think a version earlier than 1.3, so make sure you have an updated SODE installation. See how my folder looks:

[Image: ghGx71j.jpg]

As for ADEX, yep you can edit. ADE or AFX is fine, just don't use AFCAD2 as that'll rip our some code that is not supported by it.

If you need further help, contact us via e-mail tropicalsim at gmail dot com maybe we can setup a teamviewer session and I can help you "on the fly".

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Funny you said "we have no plans for SAEZ", and just two/three minth later, new version...  :-\
Hi Henry,

Well we honestly did not have plans for it at the time. As far as I knew back then, there was nothing new in the airport. It was a little later that we received great material of the new hangar 5 in Ezeiza, the new modern control tower being built and the requests by customers such as yourself to have the airport upgraded to Prepar3d standards pushed it to the production line.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Well, glad Indidn't buy at the time, otherwise Inwould jave soent almost double...  :-\

Oh, and I don't know who "Henry" is...
Sorry, I read the name of the guy above.
Good afternoon .... after having an operation I have 1 month to be resting at home. Any news this month ? New remake project?

Regards Jonathan
Hi Jon,

We don't have any news right now. We have some things in the making, but we have not decided which one of the ongoing projects will be next. If nothing new comes this month, we'll for sure have a release in the next one.



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