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SAEZ 2013 FSX update
I saw on SimMarket that there is a discount update, available since yesterday of SAEZ 2013 to a new version 2016.

Normally I receive an e-mail about up-dates.

Also I cannot find any mention about this new version on the Tropical Sim forum.

Before I buy this update can you say what is new in this update to SAEZ 2016.

Also do I need to remove the 2013 version before installing 2016.

I have AES for 2013, I presume that this will not work as AES for SBGL 2016  is not yet included in the Aerosoft AES airports list

Hi Henry,

The previous customers did get the notification, we noticed this due to the early upgrade sales as soon as it was released. Maybe you should whitelist simmarket on your ISP or something to that regard. Also check your spam folder, maybe it's there?

As for AES, you can continue using it as normal, since it will detect SAEZ 2016 as SAEZ2013, we left the filename AES searches for the same for this very purpose.

As for the removal of SAEZ 2013 yes it is necessary, in fact there is a reminder in the readme that opens automatically after the installation that mentions this.

New in this version is Prepar3d v2/v3 compatibility, new Aerolineas' Hangar 5, new control tower, SODE animated jetways, code cleanup for better performance. We are also preparing an update that will further enhance adding the new FBO and the Interbaires/Dufry headquarters.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I have installed the 2016 version but the AES has stopped working.

The AES help programme says that SAEZ 2013 cannot be found which is correct as I had removed this scenery.

You wrote "we left the filename AES searches for the same for this very purpose"

Can you say which file name this is so that I can check if it in the scenery folder.

I removed the AES-SAEZ-LIB.BGL which was left over  when 2013 was removed.

I also had this same issue when I updated SBGL to 2016.

Aerosoft stated to me as SBGL was a new version I would have to pay again for credits if AES does decide to update sometime in the future.

This is very annoying as I posted the above topic to avoid this irritation, if I had known then I could decide what I would do.

Also I followed the Readme to get the Sode working, however I ended up without any jetways.

In my scenery folder I do not have "saez2016_p3d_jetwayplacer.bgl", I am using FSX.

I do have jetwayplacer bgl, jetwayplacer.sode and jetwayplacer.full, the bgl file I changed to ori and the sode to bgl.

After these changes the jetways disappeared.

As I prefer to have my AES back again instead of the Sode gates I hope that you can give me the solution.



Hi Henry,

Sorry about this, we did in fact leave this typo in the readme, we have corrected this and will replace the FSX installers at simmarket tomorrow. If you wish, you can e-mail us and we'll send you the updated PDF file now. Until then, here is the updated information:

We have inserted optional SODE activated jet bridges.

If you wish to use them, delete the file "saez2016_fsx_jetwayplacer.bgl" from your TropicalSim\SAEZ2016\Scenery folder and then rename " saez2016_fsx_jetwayplacer.sode" to "saez2016_fsx_jetwayplacer.bgl".

Also copy the contents from the "TropicalSim\SAEZ2016\SODE\xml" folder into SODE's main XML folder (normally C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml) as well as the contents from the "TropicalSim\SAEZ2016\SODE\SimObjects" folder into SODE's main SimObjects folder (normally "C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects")

In order to use SODE activated jetways, you need to download SODE. At least version 1.3.3 is required. You can download the latest SODE version from the official website:


As for AES... rename saez2016_fsx_jetwayplacer.BGL to saez2013_fsx_jetwayplacer.BGL (just replace the 6 with a 3) and it'll detect SAEZ 2016 as if it was SAEZ 2013  Wink I could swear I had left the filename the same on both FSX and FS9, but only FS9 maintained the filename.  :o

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thanks for your solution, what a difference three numbers can make, AES is now back.

Is it possible to do this for SBGL 2016, using the same method as above, or is not possible due to having an extra terminal with gates.

Best Regards

Hi Henry,

That's right, it's not possible due to the new terminal with new gates and very different apron layout in the old terminals where the international companies no longer operate. That's up to Aerosoft/AES to update, and it's completely out of our control, we just send them the sceneries to be made compatible. Since it's been a while since the last AES update, a new one will probably pop up soon. We hope :-)

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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