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Any update planned on LATI?

With the recent runway naming changes from 18/36 to 17/35, I was wondering if there was any update planned to reflect this minor update on the scenery?


Sorry for the delay, today is our official first day back after the New Year's holiday, we've been answering the e-mails, but didn't enter the forums during this time.

Thanks for the heads up on the runway ID being changed.

I edited the AFCAD for the FS9 and FSX version to reflect the changes as well as the texture where the visual runway number on the runway is located.

If you use FS9:
Extract the contents of latix_rwymarks_01newid.rar into FS9\TropicalSim\LATIx\Texture
Extract the contents of AF2_LATI.rar into FS9\TropicalSim\LATIx\Scenery

If you use FSX:
Extract the contents of latix_rwymarks_01newid.rar into FSX\TropicalSim\LATIx\Texture
Extract the contents of AFX_LATI.rar into FSX\TropicalSim\LATIx\Scenery

OBS: The files mentioned above are attached to this post.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

Attached Files
.rar   AFX_LATI.rar (Size: 9.99 KB / Downloads: 4)
.rar   AF2_LATI.rar (Size: 3.77 KB / Downloads: 3)
.rar   latix_rwymarks_01newid.rar (Size: 521.19 KB / Downloads: 5)
Thanks a lot!

Have a great year ahead!

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