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KABQ - Albuquerque Airport - Preview #2

Here is out second set of preview for Albuquerque International Sunport Airport. The main pax terminal is taking shape as you can see in the screens here as well as the cargo area with the UPS and FEDEX building, as well as the Swissport Fueling area. Remember it's a work in progress, lot's to be done, the ground poly has had no work done as of yet so it's just a placeholder at the moment.

[Image: kabq_previewb_0.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_1.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_2.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_3.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_4.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_5.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_6.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_7.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_8.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_9.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_10.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_11.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_12.jpg]

[Image: kabq_previewb_13.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_00.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_01.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_02.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_03.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_04.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_05.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_06.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_07.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_08.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_09.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_10.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_11.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_12.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_13.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_14.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_15.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_16.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_17.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_18.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_19.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_20.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_21.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_22.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview2_23.jpg]

We hope you enjoy.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
will be photorealistic ground textures? like KOMA  ( FS9)
(06-22-2017, 02:18 PM)jonapalmer link Wrote:will be photorealistic ground textures? like KOMA  ( FS9)

Yep, there will be a photoreal area around the airport.  Wink
Looking great.

Respectively, the terminal textures look a little dark, though I know it is subjective.  ABQ is generally bright and sunny, and the stucco generally appears lighter.


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I was just at this airport recently in real life. Great work Coral!
You guys have really captured the realism and it looks great. Any photos of the airside yet? Any updates on this project most appreciated.  I still use FS9 a lot so I have to ask if there are plans its version also?  Regardless, thanks for doing this airport!
Hi Steve,

Next preview will show the terminal on the apron.

As for FS9 version, it's not very likely, especially since the terrain around the airport needs to be finely tuned and FS9's mesh resolution does not allow that.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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