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Hello everyone,

As we have stated here many times before, we work with more than one product at once, and when one of them nears completion we go full steam on that one, so whilst you have seen two previews of Albuquerque - USA, the finished and released airport is actually V.C. Bird International Airport - Antigua and Barbuda.

The new version features the new terminal complete with 3d details, SODE optional jetways, the new apron layout has been represented on our scenery, the extension at runway 07 has also been represented. The old terminal has been repainted from the pink-ish color to a light gray to match the very very white new terminal, which we have added plenty of ambient occlusion shadows to break all that white and give it that realistic look.

We have two new changes regarding our product line with this release... as expected, enters Prepar3d v4 support. This mean an exclusive installer for P3Dv4 (Not shared like P3D v2 and v3) with full native P3Dv4 SDK usage, including dynamic lights. This means an installer for FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1, another installer for P3D v2 and v3, and a third installer for P3Dv4.

The second change is that we will begin to phase out FS9 creation, and the FS9 version has been separated from the FSX/P3D versions so we can know exactly how the market is responding to this simulator.

All good things come to an end, and FS9 was a great thing, but with what we now have in Prepar3d v4, the distance has grown considerably larger between them and if we are to keep on improving and adding new features, we cannot continue to be able to be held back by FS9 restrictions and limitations, since it already misses out on specular maps, larger resolution textures, zbias code for native sdk usage for ground, dynamic lights, real-time reflections among all other new materials/items since FS9 > FSX > P3D v1/2/3/4.

Anyway, enough technical talk, here are some screens. For all screens see the FS9 or FSX/P3D sales pages:


[Image: tapa2017_@p3d0.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d1.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d2.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d3.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d4.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d5.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d10.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d11.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d12.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d15.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_@p3d16.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx3.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx4.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx10.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx16.jpg]

[Image: tapa2017_fsx17.jpg]

We hope you enjoy the airport.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Just bought Antigua FSX from SimMarket to add to my TropicalSim Collection.

However after purchase they was no installer to download.

Have sent a ticket to SimMarket.

Maybe the installer has not yet been uploaded to SimMarket.

Hi Henry,

If they are done for the day as they are in Germany, send me an e-mail (tropicalsim (@) gmail )with your order number, I'll send you a direct link to download. Also let me know the exact version you want to download, FSX, P3Dv2v3 or P3Dv4.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thankyou for this surprise release. I didn't think anyone would do an update of this airport with the new terminal but it appears your team pulled it off and it looks wonderful. I will be purchasing the FS9 version come this Friday and will await flying there until it's properly AES. However, I will explore the airport none the less before an actual flight. This airport holds dear to me as my wife and I flew there for our honeymoon 5 years ago and I viewed the then, ongoing construction of the new and needed terminal.
Sad to see that your team will no longer support FS9, but I do begrudgingly understand the reason why. I expected this news sooner or later as you all were the last at the fort so to speak for us stubborn FS9 users. I was hoping to get a Cancun update or Panama City update but it is what it is. Hopefully, we can get KABQ before you decide to pull the plug on us. Anyway, thanks for this airport update, as stated this FS9 user will be adding it to the collection of Trop Sim sceneries.
Thanks Leandro for your quick reply, a couple of minutes later I also received a reply to my ticket on SimMarket.

They apologised and told me that the installer was now available.

Now enjoying Antigua, I have UTX TAC scenery and therefore got walls, I had to disable their TAPA in TAC and everything now working fine.

One very important question, are you going to update Curacao TNCC 2013, Aruba & Bonaire  scenery for FSX sometime in the near future.

Once again thanks for your help.
Hi Henry,

Please see my reply on this other thread:

Bonaire is unlikely due to a much more recent and complete version by Aerosoft. Plenty more fish in the sea ;-)

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I hope a new Cancun for Fs9 ( could be the last scenery)  :-\

Hi Leandro, congrats on the new release.  It looks great.

I have purchased the Tropicalsim 15 Caribbean airport pack in the past.  It was purchased at Simmarket, if that is relevant.  Is there no upgrade discount for the new TAPA based on that?  If not, please just let me know so that I am clear.

Thanks again!

Hi Mark,

How are you? The discount is offered to those who purchased the TAPA single previously. There is no discount for the bundle as the bundle is already an discounted item.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

Hey Leandro,

Yeah fair enough, I understand the explanation about the bundled savings.  That's OK.

Doing well, looking forward to more and more Tropicalsim destinations.


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