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Hello everyone,

We have been receiving update request of this airport, especially to add SODE jetways, for a long time now, so we have delivered what you have asked for. Not only SODE jetways and P3Dv4 compatibility is new, however.

All of the ground gate number markings and AFCAD gate numbers had to be changed, since the real airport changed from F01, H04, I05, kind of numbering to 104, 204, 403, etc. This was done by the airport management in coordination with the airlines' suggestions which operate at the airport. The numbers now make more sense, as gates at apron 1 will begin with 1XX, gates at apron 2 will begin with 2XX and so on, but don't worry you'll not get lost as we have added the new ground markings  Wink

The terminals have also been re-branded, Terminal 4 is now Terminal 1, Terminal 1 and 2 have been merged into Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 is the newest one, left untouched.

Other changes to buildings have also been converted to our representation of the airport, such as the new TAM Cargo building, removal of some older cargo buildings which is now a parking lot, a couple of new edification near Terminal 3, a new warehouse attached to Terminal 2, near the control tower.

Like the recent releases we have added optional 3D Grass and optional 3D light dots over main roads, and of course the dynamic lighting in P3Dv4's version.

As usual, discount for previous customers, so grab your copy now at:

Oh, and FS9 users don't worry. We should release an FS9 version next week  Smile

Here are a couple of screenshots, for more see the sales page linked above.

[Image: sbgr2017_@p3d_1.jpg]

[Image: sbgr2017_@p3d_6.jpg]

[Image: sbgr2017_@p3d_14.jpg]

[Image: sbgr2017_@p3d_17.jpg]

[Image: sbgr2017_@p3d_19.jpg]

[Image: sbgr2017_fsx_3.jpg]

[Image: sbgr2017_fsx_10.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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