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SAEZ Update for P3Dv4
Having purchased a series of South American airports from you via simMarket, i.e. SBGR, SBGL, and SAEZ, although I note that the former two airports are mentioned in posts as having been P3Dv4 Updated, I do not see any news on the SAEZ.

Could you kindly clarify what is the progress to v4 on this particular airport? Thank you.
Hi Rick,

We don't have any plans for SAEZ yet since it's a more recent product, just over an year old. Also, the current P3D v3 version works just the same in P3D v4, the only downside is that there is no dynamic lights. On your 3 airport list, only SBGR has been updated with a native P3Dv4 version since SBGL 2016, like SAEZ, is a very recent product. We are looking first into bringing back a little more older products as well as developing new airports like Albuquerque currently under development.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Hello Leandro

My Portuguesa is not perfect having forgotten most of what I learned as a kid, so Muito Obrigado from me for that response.

Have installed SBGL and SBGR in P3Dv4 as I knew I'd have no issues there. Not too bothered about the dynamic lighting as long as I have an airport to use other than the bland default, so will go ahead and install that too.

Very nice SAEZ product working fine so far in P3Dv4 but with SODE issues .....

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