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SODE Duplicate Jetways
Hi to all, I have problems with SODE jetways in SAEZ, SBGL AND SBRJ all Airports up to date and installed in FSX.
After loading PMDG 777 or 737 NG in any of these airports I call SODE and the problem starts.
Example, loaded 777 in SAEZ airport Gate 10 or 11. Then I call SODE and the jetway starts moving as a duplicate jetway to Dock.
Is there a way to isolate the static jetway?

On the readme PDF of all these airports, where the instruction to activate SODE jetways  is located, you'll find there is also a file listed that needs to be deleted, that file is of the static jetway.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Hi Leandro, I followed PDF files and voila! all jetways working now. I appreciate your great support. Patricio

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