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SBGR Elevation Issues - P3D V4
Hi there,

I have just bought the scenery, a little dissappointed at the moment.

Firstly, the manual reccommended adding parts to the autogen config, this wasn't done automatically, and like TAPA, I found the installation for the autogen configuration merger buggy, as clicking next just closed the dialogue.

I have ran the vector automatic correction tool, but have strange elevation issues.

[Image: 958fY]

Also there is quite a noticable upslope in the sim east of the airport, this isn't realistic at all

Night lighting doesn't look brilliant (runway lights etc), the surround areas look like they're made of volcanic magma,

[Image: 6gykH]

General feedback, the surrounding photoreal areas clash with the sim's landclass and find that it looks worse. Can we have an option to easily remove the photoreal mesh/textures around the airport, and for it to blend with the sim?

Final point, forums, can we create subforums for each scenery or is that not realistic?

Please follow this procedure:

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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