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FS2004 version of Bilbao no longer available?
Hey guys,

I know that you have discontinued the development of sceneries for FS9, a decision which I can fully unterstand and which I respect.

But I have noticed that with the release of newer versions of airports which were previously also available for FS9, that the FS2004 versions are now no longer available, as for example Bilbao.

Is there any plan to re-release those addons, maybe with a little discount due to the outdated status?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nicolas,

We don't intend to do that since we stopped serving FS9 for a reason: lack of sales, so if a new product for FS9 doesn't sell, what could be said of an old product that has already been sold to 99.9% of potential customers for a long time over the 9 years it was on sale? Sorry, but it's not gonna happen :-(


Hey Leonardo,

Thank you for your reply.

I saw that TropicalSim is in Sale and was thinking about purchasing Bilbao.

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