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Azores 2018?!
Hi Tropicalsim team ?

If you consider to remake the Azores islands to 2018 standard (which I really hope you will do)? please consider to include each island in photoreal. These days most all payware developers do include surrounding areas and these islands are so small anyway so having to use default or Orbx landclass would be a shame for such beautiful locations.

Hi Mike,

We do want to update our Azores and will do it in the near future, however, larger photoreal coverage is an issue, since they are just a few islands in the middle of nowhere there is much much less satellite image available at a reasonable licensing fee, and of those few ones that are available, the cloud cover makes the images unusable.


Thats where most freeware and especially payware developers clean up the image from clouds. Developers like MK-studios do not only release a Canary island airport these days, they release the whole island. I know this subject has been braught up by other customers as well recently with your TIST airport. It unfortunately only included a very limted photreal area. I think customer expext that these days.


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