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TIST Floating Houses and Mountains
Good day all I have having some issues with St thomas on som eof the islands surronding the airport. I am using FTX global and Global Vector which are products from Orbx. I am using PreparV4 platform. Now the issues is when I fly out of the airports their is some flat terrain ahead but when I get close the flat terrain turns in to mountains appear which is fine but then there are homes floating in the airI dont know what is causing this but pictures are attached.

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Can you reproduce this issue? We've seen some users have this every now and again, but when restarting the sim all is fine, just one of those crazy FSX glitches from time to time.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Leonardo did you read my meassage above I said nothing about FSX I am using PreparV4 and as far as reproducing what exactly are you talking about I don’t get it looking for a response. Thanks

Sorry, FSX, P3D, same base engine and it will sometimes glitch.

Reproduce = Make the problem happen again.... if you open TIST now, will the problem be there again or was it a one time thing like it happens from time to time?

This error was acknowledged by the developers of P3D, there was an actual effort from them to reduce the issue, see the changelog listed here from an older release of P3D, so apparently it's not all 100% fixed yet:

"Reduced cases of autogen buildings floating above ground"

You can read more about this on a developer forum:


Leandro Machado
sorry the PreparV3.2 isnt the problem the other link you sent me below doesnt work when you click on it losing my patience....
"Never mind all we are doing is going around in circles I will just wait for ORBX to put out A St Thomas Airport that actually works with their scenery instead of helping me you are just sending me stuff to read that has nothing to do to why I have houses floating in the air and why when I approach the flat terrain mountains appear all of the sudden when the mountains or hills should already be there ...
Never mind we are just going around in circles I will make a video and show you want is going on how do I uplaod a video on here so you can see what is going on. "

No one is going round in circles, your problem is not caused by our add-on, it is a known bug of the P3D/FSX engine, weather it's P3Dv1, v2, v3 or v4, it doesn't matter, the base engine is the same and there lies the problem.

There is no need for the video, I know exactly what your issue is and the replies I have given applies to your problem.

As for the broken link previously, here it is again:

Also, please be more respectful, we are trying to help you with your issue. Thank you.

Best Regards,


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