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Windows 7 Scenery Library Bug

First of all, please note this is not an issue with our sceneries. This happens with any scenery add-on, freeware or payware when you need to make an entry in the scenery library. The issue is within Windows 7 as this error doesn't occur on Windows XP and Windows Vista systems.

As more and more people are now upgrading to Windows 7 we are getting lot's of e-mails regarding an issue to add a scenery to the FS Scenery Library on FS9 or FSX. The screenshot tutorial bellow is for FSX, but the steps are exactly the same for FS9, the only difference is that on FS9 after all is said and done, you need to restart the simulator, whereas on FSX no restart is necessary.

Our recent releases contains information on this bug in the readme with link to forums where the subject is talked about and a solution is found, and future releases will have this screenshot tutorial included in them to make it easier for everyone. Older sceneries has nothing regarding this issue as 1: We could not predict that Microsoft would have left this bug on their OS when using one of their own products (FS) and 2: Only after one of us actually purchased Windows 7 we could see for ourselves could we have known the issue was present.

Step 1: Open your FS9/FSX and click on SETTINGS
[Image: w7bug_step1.jpg]

Step 2: Click on SCENERY LIBRARY
[Image: w7bug_step2.jpg]

Step 3: Click on ADD AREA
[Image: w7bug_step3.jpg]

Step 4: The explorer window will open on your main FS9/FSX directory. Double-click on the TropicalSim folder. Once your TropicalSim folder is open, click once (do not double-click) on the name of the newly installed add-on, in this example we are using SAEZx which is the folder for our upcoming Buenos Aires EZEIZA airport. Once the SAEZx folder is selected from your single-click, click on OK.
[Image: w7bug_step4.jpg]

Step 5: This is there the W7 bug shows itself. On XP and Vista systems, you would be back to your main scenery library screen, but on Windows 7 it will open the SAEZx folder, showing the Scenery and Texture folders inside. Now single-click anywhere on the white screen bellow the folder names (highlighted in red on this example) and you'll be instantly back to the main scenery library screen.
[Image: w7bug_step5.jpg]

Step 6: Now we are back to the main scenery library screen, just click OK. For FSX it'll recompile the scenery database and you are ready to fly. On FS9 you are left with a message that you need to restart the simulator for the changes to take place.
[Image: w7bug_step6.jpg]

Have fun flying with our sceneries.

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